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Heart Song Rescue Training

We Train Lifesavers!

 American Heart Association

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Heart Song Rescue Training

Thank you for visiting. Unfortunately we have relocated our website. Here is a link  to our new and improved work space.

The Heart Song

The Music In The Beat Of The Heart

Music on a page placed before the musician has rhythmic lines that rise up high and drop down low. These lines make for beautiful listening pleasure.

Papers placed before a physician also have rhythmic lines that rise up high and drop down low. These lines represent the beautiful music of life.

The silence at the end of the song is simply the end of the song.

When the music in the beat of the heart becomes silent, it is the end of a human life.

With the training that you'll receive from Heart Song Rescue Training, YOU will be able to rise to the challenge of an emergency and share your skill with another individual, quite possibly restoring the music, in the beat, of the silent heart.

That is...OUR SONG